The Social Urban Development (D.s.u.)

Our participation in the D.S.U. goes back to 1998. Members of association, at the time summer had solicited in order to ensure on the ground the realization of the project " memory of district " carried by the municipal files of Dunkirk. For reasons practise the G.R.A.A.L. was associated since 1999 with the development projects and their unfolding. The ambition displayed through this project is the discovery or the rediscovery of the urban environment by the interessées people, and to the first head the inhabitants, via the elements of its history. It makes it possible all to have access to the urban inheritance. Developed philosophy consists in making it possible to the people concerned to apprehend the present through the knowledge of the past. This is not history for the history, but a taking possession of the current urban landscape.

For 2001, the G.R.A.A.L. is able to propose other activities through the rediscovery of the old gestures. Indeed, we realized that in our modern world, it was easy to lose the contact with a concrete reality: the car, the equipment electric household appliances, Internet, give the feeling, with the young people in particular, of an easy world, related to the objects which assist us. The possibility of showing how the problems of tous.les.jours were solved before must make it possible to approach the world or we live in a less virtual way.

- DSU 1999

- DSU 2000