In Schools

The GRAAL association can provide primary schools with a series of activities based on history and archaeology, aimed at helping children to understandwhere they stand, in time and space.

They are focused on the curriculum : chronology, vocabulary, using maps, understanding the insructions, drawing, studying archives, mathematics, french language, architecture... this is a true cooperative work between the teacher and our staff. We provide theclassroom with different kinds of documents, enlivening the curriculum with local history and anecdotes.

Giving the children informations about archaeology allows us to demystify this science and make them aware of the importance of historical patrimony and of protecting it.

The teacher can choose the themes he wants to use from a list, or even ask our staff to create activities around a special theme.

All these actvities aim at making the child aware of the importance of his patrimony, and bring abstract notions alive. By manipulating and visualizing, one can hope it will be easier for the child to be aware of his historical and geographical environment. But we also believe that, as a future citizen, he will be more conscious of he importance of knowing and taking care of an historical patrimony that is too easily ignored, or threatened.