Animations can be of numerous kinds :

Emphasize on the patrimony. Through the design of tourist tours; the realization of expositions, leaflets and publications; working with amateurs, students, high-school pupils, schoolboys; the creation of " patrimony classes "; the organization of introductory courses; the association offers a broad range of possibilities.

Teaching activities. They are based on History and Archaeologyfocusing on the acquisition of chronological and geographical reference marks while encouraging the greatest number to discover the past and the landscape of the maritime plain.
A service is offered to the primary schools, in the form of sequences of approximately an hour. Its contents, developed by qualified people, uses the subjects of the syllabus as a support.
The association also offers to accomodate voluntary workers (who must be at least 16 years old) on the sites of excavations.
All these actions are primarily intended for young people (school establishments, outdoor centres, houses of district)

Experimental archaeology, aimed at the reconstitution of habitat, and artisanal workshops.

Participation in the local events, thus demonstrating a will to get actively involved in the local life.